At Smiley Pet Stop we provide the best service in anesthesia free dental cleaning. It is our goal to ensure that your pet has a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

Dogs and cats are equally susceptible to developing problems with their teeth and supporting tissues. Commonly by the age of 3 years, pets have build-up of plaque which leads to gingivitis and eventually periodontal diseases.

The cleaning is all natural and very effective. We perform this work in a relaxing and pleasant environment, making sure that your pet is in the best hands.

When left untreated, this can result in systemic illnesses as well as loss of the teeth.

While signs such as bad breath, red/swollen gums, and stained teeth may be detected at home, our trained staff may see evidence that has been missed by the dog owner.

Pet dental care

Pet dental diseases

Holistic pet dental care, anesthesia free
Holistic pet dental care, anesthesia free.

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Gooffy said:

I didn’t realize having my teeth cleaning without anesthesia was possible until I met Smiley. I’m a senior dog (but young at heart) and didn’t want to go under anesthesia unnecessarily. The music and the scent Smiley used helped to control my anxiety. The procedure was smooth, painless and all natural! Not to mention I saved my mom tons of money so now she can buy me new toys!!

It was so nice to clean my teeth at Smiley! My dad is a huge holistic health advocate and was thrilled to learn about Smiley and how dental cleaning can affect my overall health. He then scheduled an appointment online at Smiley’s website and I had the procedure done at no time. I felt nothing and now I know that I'm healthy! Woof woof !


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